Native Ton (2019)

Speak Cryptic

52.5 x 42 x 5cm, acrylic and ink on wood and canvas

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We are

art curators

and consultants

We look beyond seeing


Langkawi #5 (1977)

Latiff Mohidin

131.5 x 47.2cm, oil on wood and canvas





The Last Hawker Stall (2020)

Esmond Loh

80 x 100cm, acrylic on canvas

Silver Award (established artist category), 

2020 UOB Painting of the Year


Making Sense of Difference #2 (2020)

Ivan David Ng

140 x 100cm, mixed media on wood panel

Gold Award (established artist category), 

2020 UOB Painting of the Year

Ivan Ng UOB painting Chan Hori Contempor

As art curators and consultants, we believe in the ceaseless search for deeper meaning. We love partners who look beyond seeing, to delve into the layers of what makes us human; the stories and narratives that connect us to each other and the world. We open unlikely doors and paths: paving ways with trailblazers, change-makers and opinion leaders.

Speak the

global language


Langit #5 and Langit #6 (2019)

Ahmad Abu Bakar

White Stoneware, glaze (fired at 1220 degrees)

Enunciate with feeling,

with hope and conviction

The Ground (2000 - 2018)

Kamin Lertchaiprasert

700 x 430 x 240 cm, papier mache in steel, glass and polycarbonate vitrine

presented at DISINI festival, Gillman Barracks, Singapore

Just like you,

we love creative provocations

like we love impactful results.


Homeostasis (diptych, 2019)

Loi Cai Xiang

69 x 196cm, oil on canvas

Enceladus (2017)

Jay Ho

60cm diameter, mixed media on canvas


We collaborate with artists,

we craft festivals,

curate exhibitions,

manage public and private commissions,

we engage in trans-disciplinary partnerships.

In short, we revel at the edge of reason.

We believe we are good,

but we are nothing without you.

Nature Void (2016)

Kamin Lertchaiprasert

132 x 105 x 50 cm, metal sculpture

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Get ahead,

go with us.

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